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Shipping Information

Need help with packaging your crank? CLICK HERE FOR TIPS

  1. Make sure you are sending just the crankshaft. We are not responsible for items left on the crankshaft like couplers, flywheels, gears and woodruff keys. We will also charge a removal fee to remove these items from your crankshaft.
  2. We recommend using UPS or FedEx when sending in your crankshaft. We do not recommend using US Mail, as many crankshafts will not fit in our postal box.
  3. Please wrap and box your crankshaft correctly when sending it in for service. Many cranks have been damaged during shipping due to poor packaging (A crank in a box with packing peanuts does not cut it). CLICK HERE for tips on packaging.
  4. Please do not call and give us your service request over the phone. We require each and every crankshaft to have a completely filled out work order before we will start any service. This will ensure you will receive exactly what you request. Crankshafts without work orders will be placed in a big pile and wait until we receive one (See photo below).
  5. If we are balancing your crankshaft, we do require a complete piston kit included with your crankshaft (piston, rings, circlips, wrist pin, and bearing).
  6. Crank Works, Inc. will return your used parts unless requested not to (by law, California residents/customers must have old parts returned to them). Customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.
  7. A signature is required for all return shipments. Please arrange for someone to be present at the time of delivery.
  8. Adding insurance to your shipment is also highly recommended. Crank Works, Inc. will NOT be responsible for lost or damaged packages during shipment.
  9. Unless otherwise requested by the customer, UPS will be used for return shipping. As we only have daily pickup for UPS, cranks being returned via US Mail or FedEx will require a sheduled pickup and will ship the day after the crank is completed. A $15 delivery fee will be charged for cranks that have to ship the same day of completion by US Mail or FedEx.
  10. NOTICE: Parts abandoned for over 90 days are subject to resale.

Telephone Inquiries

We appreciate your business and make every effort to complete orders by the estimated turnaround time, however, this is not always possible. Please remember that every minute we spend on the phone is time taken away from completing orders. Please do not call to "check the status" on your crankshaft before the estimated time of completion has arrived. Help us keep our technicians off the phone and busy at work to ensure your crank gets out the door sooner.

Estimated Turnaround Time

As the riding seasons change throughout the year, the turnaround time for our services changes as well. Some services also take longer than others to complete, and we can offer an ETA at the time of the order based on our current workload. Please remember that our ETA is an estimate from the time we receive the crank to when the work is complete.

Don't let your crank end up in this pile - Please send a work order!

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