Crank Works Inc.
5245 S. Kyrene Rd Suite 32 Tempe, AZ 85283

Shop Capabilities

Crank Works, Inc. is continually working to improve its shop. We invest in new technologies to make sure we are manufacturing the best product possible. All of our manufacturing and services take place in our 5,500 sq. ft. facility, located in Tempe, Arizona. Check out our shop capabilities!
Mori Seiki DuraTurn 2050
The newest addition to our CNC machine shop, our DuraTurn 2050 is used in conjunction with our Okuma to produce our premium billet crankshafts.

Sharp Mini Mill
Sharp SV-2412S Mini Mill
The Mini Mill is primarily responsible for bringing the Pro Rods to production.  Crank Works is looking forward to being able to keep our new custom connecting rods in stock!

The HAAS TL-1 is our second operation lathe, used manually or in CNC mode to help with part manufacturing and balancing.

Okuma MC-V-3016
This is our workhorse.  The Okuma mill is used primarily for the production of all of our crankshafts and crankshaft components.

Mori Seiki
Mori Seiki SL-15M
Our other workhorse, the SL-15M lathe sees almost every crank shaft component manufactured by Crank Works.

Trump Mill & Acer Manual Lathe

Sharp Mill

Coordinate Measuring Machine
Coordinate Measuring Machine
A tenant of Crank Works is precision, and the Coordinate Measuring Machine helps us make sure we stick to that. Measurements made by this machine allow us to accurately engineer and replicate all of our parts.

Optical Comparator
Optical Comparator
The Optical Comparator is another machine that helps Crank Works determine that our work is up to exacting standards. Used mainly for reverse engineering and quick-referencing of produced parts.

Our Turner Systems crank balancer is our go-to dynamic balancing machine to ensure quality balancing.