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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I ship my crankshaft to Crank Works?

Please see our shipping information page for shipping details. If you need assistance with how to package your components, click here to see our tips on how to ship.

How far can my crankshaft be stroked?

There are too many variables involved for us to quote this over the phone like connecting rod clearance, case clearance, counter balance clearance, deck height and many more. This is why we recommend speaking with an engine builder about your specific application. We specialize in crankshafts only and rely on engine builders for feed back. We will be happy to recommend a great engine builder for your application.

If I have a longer connecting rod installed, will it increase the stroke?

No. In order to increase or decrease the stroke, the crank/rod pin must be relocated to achieve the desired stroke. Installing a longer rod only increases the rod ratio, which is sometimes recommended if you choose to increase the stroke.

If my crank is trued, does this mean it is balanced?

Not necessarily. Please note that truing and balancing are not the same thing.

Truing is the process of aligning of the crank assembly on its straight-line axis in order to get the axial runout as close to zero as possible. While we do offer this as a standalone service, truing is always included when we assemble a crank.

In contrast, balancing is adding or removing weight in certain areas of the crank to ensure the weight is in equal balance across the entire crank assembly. When a crank is out of balance, forces are exerted in different directions, which leads to wasted energy, along with potentially increased wear on parts due to more vibration. Balancing allows for more efficient force exertion and generally reduces vibration. We offer balancing as a standalone service for most cranks.

Do I need to send a connecting rod with my crankshaft?

We manufacture our own line of premium rods, CWI Pro Rods, which are available for many motorcycle, ATV, UTV, and PWC models. We are also a distributor for Hot Rods, ProX, Wossner, Falicon, and Carrillo and have many of these rods in stock. We also have access to most of the O.E.M. parts needed to service a crankshaft. In some cases we may ask you to supply the connecting rod or other parts. This occasionally happens with vintage or rare models. We have worked hard to have a competitive price point with the products we sell and are below retail price in most cases.

What are fast riders or race teams doing with their crankshafts?

We pride ourselves in being trusted with some of the top racers' and race teams' crankshafts. We will not divulge confidential information for any price, so please do not ask!

I have a big race coming up, can I pay more to have my crankshaft rushed through?

We understand that a crankshaft never fails at a convenient time. As a crankshaft builder for many race teams, racers and weekend warriors, every crankshaft is important to us. Unfortunately all of our customers have a race coming up that they are hoping to make. But if absolutely necessary, we do offer an expedite service for $100 per cylinder for extremely urgent situations.

Why is my crankshaft taking so long?

There are many factors that can delay crankshaft service from the original time estimate. Many times there are unforeseen circumstances that we are not aware of until the crankshaft has started to go through our inspection process. Crankshaft service requires precision and craftsmanship in order to be completed correctly. We appreciate your patience!